The Bostock family has been in the business of designing dream homes since 1957.  From “tiny houses” before they were trendy to welcoming family homes and even breath-taking large estates, we design homes that people can’t wait to live in.  Why shouldn’t you live in a house that is perfect for you?  After all this will be the place you live in, laugh in , love in ….this will be home.

How do I get started?
Our process is so much simpler than people believe it will be.  We take your ideas and bring them to the page.  Bring us anything that you have been looking at, sketching up, or dreaming of. We will take your ideas and bring them together to form a preliminary design that you can take home and rearrange or alter until you are happy with the design.  We won’t call the plans complete until you have the details just right.


What if I don’t have any ideas?   
We hear this question a lot.  We have an assortment of stock plans in all sizes and styles that can be used to get started.  We can customize them to make them fit your life.  Our process is like a one on one conversation with a good friend, we’ll go back and forth exploring the options and weighing the choices.  We are dedicated to  giving you the time to make decisions and develop a design that is as individual as you are.  You might be surprised about how many ideas you have and don’t realize.


Will this fit my budget?
You’d be surprised how affordable a custom design can be.  Our fees are based on heated and cooled square footage, so the size of your home will dictate the cost of your plans.  Just let us know the size you are looking to make your home, and we will work to create a wonderful space designed just for you within that boundary.